Twitter: UPDATE: Stalled streetcar cleared at Pier 39. #FMarket and #EEmbarcadero resuming regular svc. 2 hours
Twitter: ATTN: Due to a stalled streetcar at Pier 39, #FMarket & #EEmbarcadero svc is switching back IB/OB @ Pier 39. 2 hours
Twitter: HeadsUp: There will be add'l #NJudah & #KIngleside/#TThird svc to the ballpark this afternoon for the SF State Commencement Ceremony 5 hours
Twitter: UPDATE: Medical emergency at 4th/Irving cleared. #NJudah resuming reg. svc. Bus shuttle will support OB svc from Carl/Hillway to beach. 5 hours
Twitter: ATTN: Due to a medical emergency at 4th/Irving, OB #NJudah svc is delayed. Bus shuttle b/t the beach and Church/Duboce en route. 5 hours

Muni Transit

Everything you ever wanted to know about riding Muni buses and historic streetcars, Muni Metro light rail, and our famed cable cars.

Riding Muni in San Francisco
Muni mobile logo, a phone running the app, and a background image from the app of a bus passing Twin Peaks


Use the official SFMTA app to buy and save Muni tickets instantly on your phone. Download MuniMobile today!

Detail View of Portion of 2015 Muni Map

Routes & Stops

Where do you need to go? Find live data maps, route descriptions, stop lists and more.

Muni bus passing through construction zone during closure of Van Ness Avenue on April 10, 2015

Planned Alerts

Sometimes there's an event along a Muni route, sometimes there's construction, and sometimes we make a permanent change. Find out exceptions to your daily travel routine.

A passenger uses his limited use pass to board a streetcar

Fares & Passes

There are several ways to pay your fare. Find out about Clipper® cards, visitor and monthly passes, rates and discounts.

LED sign inside bus shelter showing time and schedule information.

Schedules & Planners

Plan ahead with trip planners, timetables, frequency guides and more.

How to Ride

How to Ride

Here are step-by-step guides for riding Muni buses, our Metro light rail, and unforgettable cable cars and historic streetcars.

Collage of logos from Bay Area public transit agencies.

Bay Area Transit Connections

Need to travel beyond the city? We've collected public transportation options and connections throughout the greater Bay Area, including BART, Caltrain, AC Transit and more.

Keys and Sunglasses in Muni Lost and Found

Muni Lost and Found

When a customer’s belongings are found on Muni, we do everything we can to return the items to their owner.

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