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SamTrans Route 122 Pilot Program

Muni and SamTrans Partner to Bring Bus Service to Lake Merced

Starting March 22, 2022, a new program provides free access to SamTrans Route 122 within San Francisco between Lake Merced Boulevard and Lake Merced Hill while Muni service is limited due to COVID-19. SFMTA teamed up with SamTrans to launch the pilot program to brings access to transit service for Lake Merced residents.

After applying to the program, customers will be sent an email with a MuniMobile pass link that will be valid for six months. There will be an opportunity to extend the pass if the program is still needed after that, pending the return of Muni service in the area.

The SFMTA will post signage at the new bus stop locations and at essential destinations like grocery stores near Stonestown Galleria Shopping Center to inform community members about this free pilot program. 

Program Application