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Northeast Mission Parking Management Project

Project Introduction

The Mission District's northeastern neighborhood is one of San Francisco's most dynamic and diverse. A mix of commercial and industrial businesses, homes and recreational destinations combine to make the neighborhood unique and attractive. However, a lack of parking regulations has led to an ongoing parking challenge for the neighborhoods residents, workers and visitors.

Recently, the SFMTA has received several community requests to create parking regulations and better manage curb space in different parts of the neighborhood. In response, the SFMTA is taking a holistic approach to parking management in the area and re-launching the Northeast Mission Parking Management Project.

The goal is to develop a plan that manages parking with reasonable regulations so that:

  • Residents can find parking where they live
  • Neighborhood businesses have the parking availability they need to thrive
  • People can find parking when they most need it 

The Northeast Mission Parking Management Project is an effort to make more on-street parking available to meet the growing demand in the neighborhood.

Northeast Mission Parking Management Project Area

The Northeast Mission parking management project area is bounded by Division, Potrero, 21st and Capp streets. 

NE Mission Boundary Map

Community Engagement 

The SFMTA staff will initiate outreach this summer including the creation of a working group to develop a parking plan that meets the diverse needs of the community.  More information coming soon.  If you would like to receive notifications, please sign-up here:

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To make more on-street parking available to meet the growing demand in the neighborhood.
Contact Information
Mari Hunter, Principal Transportation Planner - Parking & Curb Management
Pamela Johnson, Public Relations Officer