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Trip Planning for July 9, 2022, and onwards temporarily not available

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The issue appears to have been resolved. As there are multiple computers involved, it may take a while for the fix to show up everywhere.

Trip planner outage

We are temporarily unable to provide usable trip planning on or after July 9. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

No trips are plannable on Muni for any weekend. The planner will provide a potentially incorrect Monday trip.

Weekday trip plans shown for Monday, July 11, or later, incorrectly use pre-July 9 service. This impacts any service changing as part of the July 9 service changes. For example, the trip planner is not, as of this writing, showing trips on the restored 2, 6 or 21 routes. It also doesn't reflect routing changes on the 23, 28, 43, 49, 52, 57, 58, 66 or L Bus routes.

We will remove this message as soon as possible once the issue is solved.

Alternative Trip Planners

The BART trip planner is showing the new July 9 Muni service.

Trip planning is working in Apple Maps (macOS, iOS) and the Transit App (iOS, Android). We do not endorse any particular solution; if you have a favorite trip planner, please try that.

A sample trip that will show you whether your trip planner reflects the July 9 schedule change is a Saturday afternoon trip from Haight & Masonic to 14th & Quintara. If your trip planner returns a Saturday trip on the 6 Route, then your trip planner is working.