Organization Chart

The SFMTA Organization Chart provides an overview of the chain of leadership within the agency.

SFMTA Organization Chart, January 2017, PDF


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is led by the SFMTA Board of Directors, whose membership is as follows:

  • Chairman Cheryl Brinkman
  • Vice Chairman  Malcolm Heinicke
  • Director Gwyneth Borden
  • Director Lee Hsu
  • Director Tom Nolan
  • Director Joél Ramos
  • Director Cristina Rubke

The Office of the Board of Directors is managed by Roberta Boomer, Board Secretary.

Director of Transportation

SFMTA Director of Transportation Edward D. Reiskin reports to the SFMTA Board.

SFMTA Divisions

The Division Directors below are responsible for their respective programs and report directly to the Director of Transportation:

Capital Programs & Construction

Capital Programs & Construction Director Siew-Chin Yeong

Finance & Information Technology

Finance & Information Technology Director Sonali Bose

Human Resources

Human Resources Director Donald Ellison

Sustainable Streets

Sustainable Streets Director Tom Maguire

System Safety

System Safety Director Melvyn Henry
  • DriveCam
  • TransitSafe
  • Transportation Safety

Taxi & Accessible Services

Taxi & Accessible Services Director Kate Toran


Transit Director John Haley