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San Francisco Paratransit (“SF Paratransit”) is a van and taxi program for people unable to independently use or access public transit because of a disability or disabling health condition. Since 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has required all public transit agencies to provide paratransit services to eligible disabled people. Muni has provided paratransit services for more than 40 years. Muni contracts with a Paratransit Broker to manage the service and the Paratransit Broker contracts with van and taxi companies to provide transportation.

Service is provided everywhere within San Francisco, including Treasure Island. Our service also extends to the northernmost part of Daly City in San Mateo County and to the Marin Headlands on weekends (mirroring the Muni 76X-Marin Headlands line). If your origin or destination lies within either Daly City or the Headlands and you want to confirm it is within the service area, please contact the Mobility Management Center at 415.351.7053.

Once you are ADA-certified to use paratransit, you are also eligible to receive paratransit services in other cities and states. We suggest that prior to your trip you contact the transit agency in the city to which you are traveling. They will give you information about arrangements, fares, operating times, and schedules. Please note that SF Paratransit does not serve any Bay Area airports. See Regional Paratransit Connections for airport service.

As a visitor from outside the Bay Area, eligibility will be valid for up a total of 21 days in a rolling twelve-month period.Visitors are advised to call SF Paratransit at 1-415-351-7050 in advance of a visit to San Francisco. Visit our SF Paratransit Eligibility and Registration page for more information. 

SF Access Van Service

Other SF Paratransit Services

In addition to SF Access, SFMTA offers two other types of paratransit services to ADA-eligible customers: 

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