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Travel Training

Free Travel Training is available for individuals who would like to improve their transit skills or gain more experience using the Muni system. For more information, call 415.351.7052.


Group Orientation for Travel Training is a regularly scheduled, drop-in information session open to all seniors and persons with disabilities. At these meetings you can:

  • Learn how Muni serves customers with disabilities and offers an independent way to travel.
  • Learn how and where to get Muni information in accessible formats to help plan trips.
  • Meet other persons with disabilities and seniors who use the Muni fixed-route system, hear their experiences about using Muni, and share your transportation questions with them.
  • Practice boarding an accessible Muni vehicle.
  • Sign up for free individualized travel training sessions.

If needed, transportation to the first group orientation will be provided.

Those unable to attend group training can request to meet with a certified Travel Trainer individually.


Individualized Travel Training is an opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction with a qualified Travel Trainer. The trainers are experienced Muni riders and many are persons who are disabled. During this travel training you will:

  • Meet personally with a Travel Trainer and plan a training program to meet travel goals.
  • Practice riding Muni while accompanied by a Travel Trainer. Have a follow-up training session on the Muni system with a Travel Trainer nearby monitoring your travel.
  • Learn how and where to obtain schedule and route information.
  • Gain the experience needed to comfortably and safely use Muni.