Eligibility and Registration

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To be eligible for paratransit, you must be unable to use Muni’s accessible buses, trains, or streetcars some or all of the time, without the aid of another person. In addition, if you are unable to get to and from a bus or Metro stop or station, you may be eligible for paratransit. Guidelines for eligibility come from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you feel you are unable to independently use Muni or BART some or all of the time due to a disability, you may submit an application for ADA Paratransit service. To apply, you may:

Paratransit Eligibility for Visitors

Visitors are advised to call SF Paratransit at 1-415-351-7050 in advance of a visit to San Francisco. Visitors may present information about their use of complementary paratransit service in the jurisdiction in which they reside. Visitors who do not have such documentation (e.g., because there is no ADA Paratransit program where they reside, etc.) may be asked to describe their inability to access the regular bus/train system due to their disability and will need to provide other basic information including where they reside. As a visitor from outside the Bay Area, eligibility will be valid for up to a 21-day period in a rolling twelve-month period. If you need service for longer than 21 days, you will need to apply for Bay Area ADA Paratransit Eligibility.

Paratransit Eligibility for Bay Area Residents

SFMTA’s Paratransit Program is part of the Bay Area’s Regional Eligibility Database (RED) program which means that ADA-paratransit eligible consumers may reciprocally use paratransit services in the nine county Bay Area, and are not considered visitors nor subject to visitor policies. Direct intercounty paratransit service is provided to the East Bay on East Bay Paratransit and to Marin County on Marin Access Paratransit. Some direct intercounty paratransit service is also provided to San Mateo County depending on the pick-up location in San Francisco. For intercounty trips, please contact paratransit services in our neighboring cities and counties or call the Mobility Management Center at 415.351.7000 for more information.