How to Use SF Access Online

SF Access Online

Manage Your SF Access Trips Online

  • Make an SF Access reservation
  • Check on the status of your ride
  • View details of past and upcoming trips
  • Cancel an existing reservation
  • Make a subscription trip request
  • Provide feedback to SF Paratransit

How Do I Get Started?

Signing Up

You must be certified for SF Paratransit service in order to use SF Access Online. Find out more about ADA eligibility and how to apply by calling 415.351.7000 or visiting the SFMTA Paratransit website.

Logging In For the First Time

Have handy before you begin:

  • A computer, smart phone, or tablet with internet access
  • Your rider ID number
  • A valid email address
  • Your birthdate
  1. Go to the SF Access Online website (
  2. Click New user? Register under the Sign In button
  3. Enter your SF Paratransit rider ID number, your email address, and your birthdate. Your birthdate must match the date on file with SF Paratransit.
  4. Click Register.

*Before continuing, check for an email from SF Paratransit and click the link in the email to confirm that your account has been verified. Your internet browser will open a new page where you will be asked to create a password.

  1. Choose a password that you will remember (and reenter it once more to confirm). Then click Create Password, and you will be returned to the Sign-In page.
  2. Now you can sign in. Enter your rider ID number and your password, and click Sign In.
Forgot your password?

On the Sign-In page, click Forgot your password? Then enter the rider ID number and email address you used to register. We will send an email with a link to reset your password.

How Do I Book a Trip?

Making a Trip Reservation

Ready to reserve an SF Access ride? Click Book Trip on the Main Menu.

Pickup and Drop-off address

You may enter your Pickup and Drop-off addresses in two ways:

  1. Typing an address.

Type the street address into the Pickup or Drop-off address field. If you do not know the address, type the name of a landmark, such as a park, business, or building name. As you begin typing, a list of options will appear that match your search. Select the correct option, and verify the location details are correct before continuing.

  1. Selecting an address on the map.

Click and drag to move the map toward the correct location. When you find the correct location, click on it to select it, then choose “From Here” for the Pickup location, or “To Here” for the Drop-off location. Verify the location is accurate and on the correct side of the street before continuing.

If applicable, enter the unit number (apartment, suite, etc.) and a phone number (including the area code) to reach you at your pickup or drop-off location or a cell number.

It is your responsibility to identify the correct Pickup and Drop-off addresses.

Want to receive trip information, such as trip reminders and trip status, by phone?

Under TripInfo Line Automated Phone Calls, select your preferred option(s) and enter the phone number where your TripInfo call should be made.

Date and Time

Select a trip date. Click on “Trip date” and scroll to select the date of your trip. You may schedule one to seven days before  your trip.

Select a trip type. You may request either a pickup time or a drop-off time.

  • Select “Pick me up at” to request the time you want to be picked up


  • Select “Arrive at destination by” to request the time you want to be dropped off (consider any additional time you require to disembark the vehicle and to continue to your destination inside)

Select a trip time. Click on “Pick a time” and scroll to select your desired trip time. Verify that you have correctly selected AM or PM.

Additional Options

Indicate whether you will be traveling using a wheelchair or with a service animal. Also click on any other mobility aids you intend to bring.

I Will be Traveling With

Indicate whether you will travel with an attendant and/or companion. If yes, indicate if they will travel in a wheelchair. Then click Add Passenger.

Repeat the process once more if you need to add an additional passenger. Also check Done Adding Passengers when finished. (Additional passengers are subject to space availability. Refer to our Rider’s Guide for more information.)

Click Book Trip to proceed to the next page where you will be asked to confirm your trip. (If you need to start over, click Reset Form.)

Confirming Your Trip Request

SF Access Online will offer you a trip time based on the request time you entered.  Review the offered trip to confirm that it meets your travel needs. The offered trip will include:

  1. Total fare (if traveling with a companion, this amount includes their fare)
  2. Your requested pickup or drop-off time
  3. Your pickup window (the time during which you must be ready to board the SF Access vehicle)
  4. Your promised pickup time (the scheduled pickup time for your trip)

Click Edit Trip Details if you need to go back and make adjustments to your request.

Click Schedule Earlier or Schedule Later to search other available times.

Click Confirm Booking to save this trip. A Booking Confirmation page will pop up which provides your booking ID number and presents options to book more trips, view trip details, or view your Trips Calendar.

Your trip will not be booked if you exit without clicking Confirm Booking.

Pickup time not available

During busy (“peak”) periods, the trip pickup time you request may not be available. The ADA allows us to offer a pickup time within one hour before or after your requested pickup time. If you request a drop-off time, we will estimate the latest we can pick you up to arrive at your destination on time, and you will be offered a pickup time no earlier than one hour before that time. If SF Access Online is unable to find a ride for the time you requested, you will be asked to call us at 415.285.6945, and press Option 2 to book your trip. Refer to our Rider’s Guide to learn more about peak periods.

Schedule each trip only once

Do not use SF Access Online to book a trip you’ve already scheduled either online or through our reservations center or for any trip you don’t intend to take. See Canceling a Trip (below) to cancel any trip you’ve booked by mistake.

How Do I Manage My Trips?

Canceling a Trip

Want to cancel an existing reservation? Visit the Trips Calendar, then click on the trip to open the Trip Details page. Verify that you’ve selected the correct trip to cancel, then click Cancel This Trip. You will be asked if you are sure you want to cancel the trip. Select Yes to permanently cancel the trip or select No to go back.

Checking the Status of Your Ride

Want to check on an upcoming ride? Shortly before your scheduled ride, visit the Trips Calendar, then click on the upcoming trip to view the Trip Details page. It will display the estimated arrival time, the SF Access vehicle number assigned to your pickup, and a map depicting a bus icon that follows your vehicle as it approaches your pickup location.

Trip details

Trip details may update frequently. Check the Trip Details page often for the most current information. (If the SF Access vehicle has not arrived by the end of your pickup window, call “Where’s My Ride” at 415.285.6945, and press Option 3 to obtain further assistance.)

Viewing Your Trips Calendar

Want to view your past and upcoming trips? Click Trips on the Main Menu.

The Trips Calendar shows all of your travel reservations, whether scheduled online or by phone. Click on any trip in the calendar to get trip details, verify pickup and drop-off times, or check the fare(s) for your ride.

Making a Subscription Trip Request

Want to request a recurring weekly trip? Follow the same procedures as booking an individual trip, except on the Book Trip page you must check the “Subscription trip” box next to “Date and time.” Then select the day(s) of the week that you will make this trip, and choose a start and end date. (Subscription trip requests are subject to limitations. Refer to our Rider’s Guide for more information about subscription trips.)

Confirming subscription trips

A subscription trip request is not confirmed immediately. SF Access Reservations will contact you to confirm your request. You should continue to book individual trips until your subscription trip request is confirmed.

Viewing or Canceling a Subscription Trip Request

Visit the Subscription Trip Requests page to view your approved and pending requests.

To cancel a subscription trip request, click on the subscription trip request to view its details. Verify that you’ve selected the correct trip to cancel, and then click Cancel This Trip. You will be asked if you are sure you want to cancel. Select Yes to permanently cancel or select No to go back.

What Else Can I Do?

Modify My Password. Click My Profile and select “Modify Password” to change your sign in password.

Share Feedback. Click Feedback to provide input, submit a formal compliment or complaint, or to update your address or contact information. SF Paratransit will respond within 14 days.

Need language assistance?

Click the Translate Tool to select English, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese. Or call SF Paratransit for assistance.

How Can I Get Assistance?

Our staff is available to answer your questions or provide technical assistance. Call us Monday-Friday between 9:00 am and 4:45 pm at 415.351.7000; TTY 415.351.3942.

We are closed on all major holidays (Refer to our Rider’s Guide for more information.)

If you prefer to schedule an SF Access trip by phone, call SF Access Reservations Monday-Sunday between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm at 415.285.6945, and press Option 2.

For information on other SF Paratransit transportation programs, call our Mobility Management Center at 415.351.7053 or visit the SFMTA Accessibility website.