Upper Market Street Safety Project

Project Overview

14th Street and Market Intersection

Upper Market Street is one of San Francisco’s most popular corridors, but it also has some of the city’s highest collision rates and is on San Francisco’s High Injury Network, where just 12% of city streets have 70% of our serious and fatal traffic crashes.

From July 2011 to June 2016 there were 174 traffic collisions on Market from Octavia to Castro. Out of this total, 22 collisions involved a pedestrian, 51 involved a bicyclist, and 71% resulted in an injury.

The Upper Market Street Safety Project is an effort to increase safety and comfort for everyone on Upper Market Street between Octavia Boulevard and Castro Street.

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Project Details

The Upper Market Street Safety Project is a multi-phased effort over the next few years to improve safety on Market Street between Octavia Boulevard and Castro Street.  The Project proposal is based on a data-driven approach to identify high-injury locations, while also prioritizing comfort for people walking, driving, and bicycling.

The Upper Market Street 2009 Community Vision and Recommendations study has informed the project proposal along with engineering review of the complex 6-legged intersections that make up the Upper Market corridor.

The goal of the project is to improve safety and comfort for all who travel on this section of Market Street, including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and transit users, by reducing the potential for conflict and by making travel along the corridor more predictable and intuitive.

Safety Improvements

In 2015, the SFMTA implemented several near-term safety improvements, designed to quickly and effectively increase safety and comfort on the corridor while permanent improvements are designed and legislated.  These near-term project elements included:

  • Painted safety zones to increase pedestrian visibility and slow the speed of turning vehicles
  • Signal timing improvements to increase the crossing time for pedestrians, provide pedestrian “head starts,” and manage congestion
  • Upgraded crosswalks to increase visibility
  • New right-turn on red restrictions to enhance pedestrian safety and comfort 
  • Enhanced lane markings in the roadway to indicate where vehicles and bicycles should be
  • Enhanced bicycle lanes, to increase the separation between cyclists and drivers

These permanent improvements will include the following elements:

  • Permanent sidewalk extensions and crosswalk realignment to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians at key intersections
  • Parking-protected bike lane on Market Street outbound between Octavia Boulevard and Duboce Avenue and inbound between Guerrero Street and Octavia Boulevard
  • "Thumbnail Islands" to promote safety and accessibility on Muni boarding islands
  • Improved green bike lanes and painted buffer zone
  • Green bike boxes
  • Improved intersection wayfinding/guidance markings

The SFMTA will be conducting further outreach in 2017 regarding the following Future Phase project elements:

  • Potential circulation changes including turn restrictions and protected signal phases to further reduce potential conflict points for people walking, riding bikes, and driving through the corridor
  • Potential changes to loading, parking and other curb uses to reduce double parking and better accommodate community needs for parking and loading space
  • Potential landscaping, seating, and other public amenities for approved permanent sidewalk extensions

Vision Zero

Every year, 30 people are killed and 200 more are seriously injured while travelling on city streets. These deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable, and San Francisco is committed to eliminating them.

By adopting a policy called Vision Zero in 2014, the City and County of San Francisco is committed to building better and safer streets, educating the public on traffic safety, enforcing traffic laws, and prioritizing resources to implement effective initiatives that save lives. Vision Zero aims to eliminate all traffic deaths in San Francisco by 2024 and the SFMTA is prioritizing efforts on the corridors that have the highest number of serious and fatal collision, including Upper Market Street.

The Upper Market Street Safety Project is in support of Vision Zero and will implement targeted, proven safety improvements on the corridor.

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