Scheduling an SF Access Ride

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If you are already eligible for paratransit, you may schedule a ride online at the SF Access Online website.  To learn more, visit How to Use SF Access Online.  You may also schedule a ride by calling the SF Paratransit Reservations Office at 415.285.6945. 

SF Access services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For each one-way trip, SF Access customers must make a reservation from one to seven days before the day of the trip. Reservations are accepted seven days a week, between 7 am and 6 pm.

Here are some helpful tips for scheduling your rides:

  • When making a reservation, be prepared to give your full name, your origin, your destination, and either the time you need to be picked up OR the time you need to be dropped off (“appointment time”). If requesting a ride by your appointment time, be sure to consider how long it may take for you to exit the vehicle and enter your destination.

  • Don’t forget to let the reservationist know if you will have someone accompanying you.

  • Remember that the scheduler is allowed to negotiate a pickup time with you that may be up to one hour before or after your requested pickup time. If you must arrive at your destination by a certain time, the reservation agent will only offer pickup times that will get you to your destination up to one hour before your appointment.

  • If you require additional one-way rides, whether to return home or to travel to other destinations, remember to schedule each of those rides with a reservation agent as well.

  • Would you like us to remind you of your scheduled trip? The SF Access TripInfo Line can call you 10 minutes before your promised pickup time to let you know if the van is on time or running late. In the event of a delay, we want you to be aware of it and we’ll give you a new expected van arrival time. When you call to make your SF Access trip reservation, we will ask if you would like to receive a Trip Reminder call the evening before your trip and an Imminent Arrival Update call the day of your trip.

    • If you request a “Trip Reminder” call, expect your reminder call the day before your scheduled ride between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  The call will be made to the home phone you provided us when you registered with us unless you designate we call a different number.

    • “Imminent Arrival Update” calls are made 10 minutes before your promised pickup time on the day of your trip.  This call is made to the phone number you designate.  If you do not designate a number, we will call the home phone you provided.

  • Cancellations must be made at least two hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time online at the SF Access Online website or by calling 415.285.6945. Riders failing to cancel in advance may have riding privileges suspended. Click here for more information about SF Paratransit’s policy regarding no-shows and cancellations.

  • If you wish to make any changes to your scheduled trip, you must call the reservation office at least one day prior to your trip to see if a change can be accommodated.

Alert the reservation agent if:

  • You will be using a wheelchair or other mobility device.
  • You will be bringing a service animal.
  • You will be traveling with a child under the age of eight who is less than four feet, nine inches in height, you must provide the child’s safety seat and you must properly secure the child in it in accordance with California law. Any child seat used on SF Paratransit must meet the state of California standards for a child of that size and age. The driver will provide assistance if necessary.
  • Any other information you feel the paratransit driver should have to help you travel in a safe and timely manner