How to Ride Historic Streetcars


Single Ride Fare in paper cash, a valid fare receipt to transfer, Visitor Pass, or Clipper® card. Please note that full-size bikes are not allowed on historic streetcars, so bicyclists may need to find an alternate route.

Step-by-step instructions

1Plan Your Trip

Streetcar 1 turns around at Pier 39 to go back to the Ferry Building

The F Line travels from Fisherman's Wharf along the Embarcadero, past the Ferry Building and down Market Street to the Castro District.

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2Get Your Fare Ready

Customer paying with cash

Paying with Cash

When your train arrives at the platform, you may board and feed dollars/coins into the farebox at the front of the streetcar.

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A passenger uses his Clipper card to pay on a streetcar

Paying with a Clipper Card

If you're paying with a Clipper® card, just tag when you board.

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A man boards the rear doors of a streetcar with a transfer

Using a Transfer

If you have a valid transfer in the form of a fare receipt (pictured) or it is within the 90 minute limit on your Clipper® card, you may ride as long as your transfer is valid. If you use a Clipper® card, you must tag on each and every time you enter any Muni vehicle.

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    3Find Your Stop

    Passenger uses Streetcar ramp to disembark a streetcar | March 11, 2013


    The F Line stops are on island like platforms in the middle of the street. Many of these are accessible.  Remember to wait for the green signal at the crosswalk to make your way to the platform!

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    4Board & Pay

    A passenger boards through the rear doors of a streetcar

    Board the Streetcar

    Watch your step as you cross the gap. On double-door streetcars you may board at the rear door with proof of payment, just like on regular Muni buses.  

    Collapsible strollers are permitted on all historic streetcars. Strollers may be carried on if there is enough room; otherwise, they must be folded. Strollers may remain open as long as they are under the control of the owner at all imes and the wheel brake is set. Strollers must not interfere with passenger movement and must not block the wheelchair securement area. Children may remain in the stroller while traveling on historic streetcars.

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    A passenger looks out the window of a streetcar

    Listen to the announcements. Pull the the yellow stop cord along the windows of the bus to request a stop. Until then, enjoy the scenery! You'll be driving through one the most beautiful cities in the world.

    6Exit the Streetcar

    Man Exiting a Streetcar on San Francisco's Market Street | How to Ride | April 17, 2013

    Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop, exit through the rear door.

    One More Thing:
    • Have a great day, and thanks for riding Muni's Historic Streetcars!