UPDATE: Delay on 22nd btwn Kirkham and Lawton has cleared. The IB 7 is resuming regular route. https://t.co/U5IA5Cfr6A (More: 4 in last 24 hours)

27 Bryant (Suspended)


Inbound to Russian Hill
Outbound to The Mission


Cesar Chavez and Mission via Cesar Chavez, Valencia, 26th, South Van Ness, Cesar Chavez, Bryant, 6th Street, Folsom, 5th Street, Cyril Magnin (5th Street North), Ellis, Leavenworth, Jackson to Van Ness.


Jackson, Van Ness, Washington, Hyde, Bush, Jones, O'Farrell, Mason, Eddy, Cyril Magnin (5th Street North), 5th Street, Harrison, 11th, Bryant, Cesar Chavez to Mission.