Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project

Project Overview

Folsom Street and 7th Street Intersection

SoMa deserves the same kinds of amenities that other neighborhoods enjoy. The Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project will make SoMa more livable by making it safer and more pleasant to walk, bike, shop and live along Folsom and Howard streets.

Safety is the number one priority of this project. All San Franciscans deserve to be able to get around their neighborhoods safely. Folsom and Howard are a part of the High Injury Network of streets and this project will improve safety on the corridor and help the City meet its Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities.

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Project Details

The Folsom and Howard Streetscape Project seeks to redesign the couplet of streets that are the cornerstone of the growing SoMa neighborhood.  SoMa’s wide variety of uses is unique.  SoMa has a high density and large variety of commercial retail, office space, bars and restaurants, night clubs, light industrial space,  and residential units in the neighborhood.   The street also serves as a major corridor for bicyclists. This project will ensure that these streets are safe and meet the diverse needs of the neighborhood.

The Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project will create better, safer streets on Howard between 3rd and 11th, and on Folsom Street between 2nd and 11th. This includes improvements to bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities, upgrades to traffic signals, traffic circulation modifications, and changes to parking and loading.

This initiative is fully funded from planning and community outreach to construction, with $26 million in local funds.


The main goals for the Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project include the following:

  • Improve safety for all users of Folsom and Howard streets
  • Make biking and walking in SoMa a more comfortable and enjoyable experience
  • Make changes to improve transit services along the corridor
  • Prepare for future growth in the neighborhood


Concept designs for the Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project will be based on preliminary recommendations from the City’s Central SoMa Plan and the Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study.

A draft environmental impact report for the project is expected to be released later this year. This report will provide a general framework for the Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project for the public to consider.


The SFMTA knows that the best street designs come from working in collaboration with neighbors, local businesses, community groups and users of the corridor.  That is why we are doing robust public outreach in support of the project.

In Winter 2016, the SFMTA held two open houses and conducted an online survey to take feedback on their values and priorities.  In April 2017, two open houses were held to show possible alternatives to the public and request feedback.  More than 250 people attended both rounds of open houses.  If you were unable to attend one of the April open house we are still looking for feedback.  Please read the boards from the open house and then fill out a survey in EnglishTagalogChinese or Spanish

Furthermore, if you own or manage a business on Folsom or Howard streets, please take a brief survey on business loading that will help staff understand the needs of your business.

As the project moves forward we will ask for your feedback on projects elements like:

  • Project alternatives
  • Parking and loading
  • Bikeway design
  • Pedestrian safety improvements
  • Public realm improvements
  • Open space


  • Predevelopment: Fall 2015 to Fall 2016
  • Community Outreach and Planning: Winter 2016 to Summer 2017
  • Legislation: Fall 2017 to Winter 2017
  • Detailed Design: 2018 to 2019
  • Construction: 2020 to 2022


PDF Open House #1 Boards7.32 MB
PDF Open House #2 Boards7.05 MB


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