511: Street closures, Oct. 9-10, 2015 2 days ago More...

Street closures Friday evening and Saturday morning will bring reroutes on Powell cable car lines; the F Line; and the 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 21, 30, 31 and 45 routes.


Street closures:

  • Sacramento Street will be closed from Friday 5:00 pm to Saturday 1:00 pm
  • Mission and Howard streets will be closed between 1st and Main Streets Friday between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm 
  • Market Street will be closed between 5th and 8th streets Saturday between approximately 9:00 am and 1:00 pm


Friday 5:00 pm to Saturday 1:00 pm

Cable Cars:

  • No cable car service on Powell Street.
  • A bus shuttle will provide service between Union Square and the Cable Car Museum, where customers can transfer to the cable cars.
  • No stops between Clay and Pine.

1  inbound: No changes.

1 outbound: Between Stockton and Van Ness, via trolley bus on Sutter to the Richmond or diesel shuttle on Pacific to Van Ness.

Friday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

5, 5R: Will serve the Ferry Plaza 6-route terminal instead of Transbay Terminal

7, 7R, 38, 38R: Will drop off on Main after Folsom. No changes to outbound service.

25: Will board and drop off at the 41 stop on Main after Howard.

Saturday approx. 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

F: Streetcar service only along the Embarcadero. Shuttle between Ferry and Castro. Via Mission between Steuart and 8th inbound, 9th outbound.

5:  Via Mission between Transbay Terminal and 8th inbound, 9th outbound.

6, 7: Via Mission between 10th & 3rd inbound, 4th & 9th outbound.

9: Via Mission between 11th & 3rd inbound, 4th & 11th outbound.

21: Via Mission between Van Ness & Ferry inbound, Ferry & 9th outbound.

30, 45: No service between Post and Market. To Caltrain, walk to Market & Grant to transfer; stops on 5th between Market & Harrison will be missed.

31: Via Hayes between Fillmore & Van Ness and via Mission between Van Ness and Ferry inbound, via Mission between Ferry & 9th outbound.

511: Geary and Stockton Construction, 2015 January 2014 More...

The outbound bus stop on Geary and Stockton is temporarily discontinued for construction for most of 2015.

Please use the stop at Geary and Kearny or Geary and Powell.

38R-Geary Rapid

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The 38R Route downtown terminal is moved to the Transbay Temporary Terminal during construction of the new Transbay Terminal.
Weekday & Saturday Daytime


48th Avenue and Point Lobos via 48th Avenue, Geary, Starr King, O'Farrell, Market (uses curb stops), Beale, to Transbay Temporary Terminal island stop drop-off after Howard.


From Transbay Temporary Terminal island stop pick-up on Main before Howard via Main, Market (uses curb stops), Geary, Point Lobos to 48th Avenue.

Outbound runs express from Transbay Temporary Terminal to next stop, on Market at Front.

Limited Stop Area between Van Ness Avenue and 33rd Avenue.


Geary and 33rd Avenue to Powell and O'Farrell with stops at 25th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Park Presidio, 6th Avenue, Arguello, Spruce, Presidio, Divisadero, Fillmore, Laguna, Van Ness and Jones.


Powell and Geary to Geary and 33rd with stops at Leavenworth, Van Ness, Laguna, Fillmore, Divisadero, Presidio, Spruce, Arguello, 6th Avenue, Park Presidio, 20th Avenue and 25th Avenue.

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