ATTN: IB/OB 14 & 14R coaches rerouting due to @SFPD activity @ Mission/9th. IB via 10th-Folsom-7th. OB via 8th-Howa (More: 11 in last 48 hours)

83X Mid-Market Express (Suspended)


Inbound to Civic Center
Outbound to Caltrain
This route is in effect during weekday extended peak hours only.


4th and Townsend (Caltrain station) via Townsend, Division, 9th to Market.

Express Area: Stops only at 4th and Townsend, 9th and Market.


9th and Market via Market, 8th, Brannan, 4th to terminal (Caltrain).

Express Area: Stops only at 9th and Market, 8th and Market, 4th and Townsend.